Alpha Gal and the Lone Star Tick

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DESCRIPTION: Our immune response against a foreign molecule present in animal products may play a role in some allergic, autoimmune, and inflammatory disorders. This reaction is thought to underlie tick bite triggered meat allergies.

Here are links to some of the videos I mentioned:
• Higher Quality May Mean Higher Risk (http:/
• Eating Outside Our Kingdom (

Here’s some videos unearthing the IGF-1 story:
• IGF-1 As a One Stop Cancer Shop (
• Cancer-Proofing Mutation (
• The Answer to the Pritkin Puzzle (

NeuGc is what opened up this whole can of worms:
• Cancer as an Autoimmune Disease (
• Clonal Selection Theory of Immunity (
• Clonal Deletion Theory of immunity (
• The Inflammatory Meat Molecule Neu5Gc (
• How Tumors Use Meat to Grow: Xeno-Autoantibodies (
• Nonhuman Molecules Lining Our Arteries (
• Meat May Exceed Daily Allowance of Irony (

I wonder if alpha gal is playing a role in the improvements in arthritis and Crohn’s on plant-based diets: Dietary Treatment of Crohn’s Disease ( and Diet & Rheumatoid Arthritis (

In my next video, Tick Bites, Meat Allergies, and Chronic Urticaria, I explore the role these tick-bite induced allergies may play in the development of chronic hives and other allergic skin reactions in children.

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