Are Calcium Supplements Effective?

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DESCRIPTION: What is the optimal daily dietary calcium intake and might benefits for the bones outweigh the risks to the heart of calcium supplements?

What’s this about calcium supplements and heart attacks and strokes?! You must have missed by “prequel” video, Are Calcium Supplements Safe? (

And the more milk = more fractures galactose thing? That was covered in Is Milk Good for Our Bones? (

For those not getting enough sun (see my recommendations here ( I do advise vitamin D supplementation. For background on how I arrived at my recommended dose, check out my vitamin D video series from a few years ago:
• Vitamin D Recommendations Changed (
• Evolutionary Argument for Optimal Vitamin D Level (
• Is Vitamin D the New Vitamin E? (
• Vitamin D and Mortality May Be a U-shaped Curve (
• Vitamin D Supplements May Be Necessary (
• The Difficulty of Arriving at a Vitamin D Recommendation (
• How the Institute of Medicine Arrived at Their Vitamin D Recommendation (
• Resolving the Vitamin D-Bate (
• Take Vitamin D Supplements With Meals (
• Is Vitamin D3 Better Than D2? (

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