Barriers to Heart Disease Prevention

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DESCRIPTION: According to the Director of the famous Framingham Heart Study, the best way to manage cholesterol and heart disease risk is with a more plant-based diet. Why then, don’t more doctors advise their patients to change their diets?

Dr. Ornish talks about how diet can be more sustainable than drugs, since compliance is more based on love-of-life rather than fear-of-death. See his editorial in Convergence of Evidence (

More on how lifestyle medicine is not only safer, and cheaper, but more effective:
• Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease (
• Convincing Doctors to Embrace Lifestyle Medicine (
• Fully Consensual Heart Disease Treatment (
• What Diet Should Physician’s Recommend? (

Many physicians just weren’t taught the power of diet:
• Doctors Know Less Than They Think About Nutrition (
• Medical School Nutrition Training (

But there have been cases of the medical profession actively seeking to limit further nutrition training. See my series about a bill in California:
• Nutrition Education Mandate Introduced For Doctors (
• Medical Associations Oppose Bill to Mandate Nutrition Training (
• California Medical Association Tries to Kill Nutrition Bill (
• Nutrition Bill Doctored in the California Senate (

Why not take drugs every day for the rest of our lives instead of using dietary change? That’s the question I ask in my video Fast Food: Do You Want Fries With That Lipitor? ( Not only is that not treating the root cause, but there are potentially serious drug side-effects. See, for example, Statin Muscle Toxicity ( and Statin Cholesterol Drugs and Invasive Breast Cancer (

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