Cholesterol and Lower Back Pain

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DESCRIPTION: High cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis in the vertebral arteries that nourish our spine and result in disc degeneration and lower back pain, a leading cause of disability. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at ‪ and I’ll try to answer it!‬ The three most common causes of disability in the United States are arthritis, lower back pain, and heart disease, all of which can be affected by diet. For arthritis, see Diet & Rheumatoid Arthritis ( and Preventing Arthritis ( There are 89 videos on heart disease ( Good places to start include the story about my own grandmother’s disability, Resuscitating Medicare (, as well as Heart Attacks and Cholesterol: Purely a Question of Diet (, Our Number One Killer Can Be Stopped (, China Study On Sudden Cardiac Arrest (, Convergence of Evidence ( and Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death ( And for more on the impact of cholesterol on quality of life issues, see yesterday’s video ( FYI, there are also hundreds of other videos on more than a thousand subjects (
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