Collaboration with the New Vectors of Disease

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DESCRIPTION: Appeasement of the food industry through partnerships with children’s organizations to steer the focus to inactivity rather than our diet recalls tobacco industry-style tactics and may require tobacco industry-style regulation.

Is it our physical activity or eating activity? See Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss ( and How Much Exercise to Sustain Weight Loss? (

I touched on the pink buckets of KFC in my video:
Breast Cancer Survival, Butterfat, and Chicken (

For more on the idea of subsidizing healthy foods or at least stopping tax money to supporting junk, check out my video Taxpayer Subsidies for Unhealthy Foods (

It’s sad when nonprofits collaborate with companies that contribute to suffering, but seems particularly egregious when the Registered Dietician group does it. See Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conflicts of Interest (

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