Health Benefits of Coconut Oil & Uses For Unrefined Organic Extra Virgin Oils on Hair / Skin / Face

The health benefits of coconut oil have been lauded recently online by people who’ve used it for hair, skin, & face treatments. Some people even say it helps w/ weight loss, hair growth, acne treatment & used it for coconut oil pulling techniques. [Read the entire list of benefits below]

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Although there are many uses for coconut oil, it’s still high in saturated fat for those concerned about ingesting it and cooking with this oil. Learn more coconut oil nutrition facts in the video and transcript below.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits Listed in the Video:
-Good source of medium chain fatty acids
-40% Lauric Acid
-Stable at high temps (good for med / high temp cooking)
-No cholesterol
-Appetite reducing effect
-Anti-bacterial properties
-Possible benefit to Thyroid functions
-Energy Booster
-Promotes Ketone production
-Good natural hair conditioner
-Good natural skin moisturizer
-Good alternative to hydrogenated fats for baking

[How many calories in coconut oil? ~117 calories in 1 tbsp.]

Most coconut oil use is as a body moisturizer. This includes coconut oil for hair – hair mask or leave-in conditioner. Others use coconut oil for skin; shaving cream or facial moisturizer; virgin coconut oil is best here as it is not hydrogenated. These are also known / labeled as extra virgin, cold pressed or unrefined. Using this oil as sunscreen or shampoo is not uncommon.

Is coconut oil good for you? Or, is coconut oil healthy? As with many nutrients and supplements, results from using coconut oil in your diet and on your body will vary. Some find the oil helps with skin ailments from Eczema to Acne. There are also reports of it being used for weight loss to yeast infection. The special thing is that it’s a plant-based oil & contains high levels of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) / medium chain triglycerides. These are metabolized by the body differently than long tail fatty acids (most other types of saturated fats like animal fat). The MCFAs are sent to the liver without having to be modified via the GI tract and bile salts for digestion. This is why coconut oil is a good energy booster.

There are many coconut oil recipes online for use as a cooking oil or additive / alternative to other oils. Coconut oil is good for high heat cooking because of its stability at medium to high heat. It’s solid at room temperatures. Also, because it’s a plant-based saturated fat, vegans use it in their daily diets.

There is a new trend that involves oil pulling with coconut oil. Coconut oil pulling is similar to other pulling techniques where users gargles it, swishes it around the oral cavity and in between gums and teeth. The rationale is that the oil helps to kill unwanted / harmful bacteria in the mouth. Some also attest to the coconut oil whitening their teeth. Different types of oil can be used, but due to the high Lauric acid content and the taste, many are using coconut oil for this oral cleansing technique.

Where to buy coconut oil? Locally, you’ll find extra virgin coconut oil & hydrogenated types at stores like Whole Foods & Trader Joes. Online, there are many sources to buy coconut oil like Nutiva and Spectrum. As a supplement, there are coconut oil pills and capsules as well.

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