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Health Benefits of Eating Organic

4 Benefits of Eating Organic Food

1- Organic Fast Food
The big fast food chains claim to provide hot, ready to eat foods quickly. The challenge is that for their food to remain safe over the longer periods of time, more additive and preservatives have to be included. Conventional fast food, with all those additives, actually leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable; with the excessive levels of sodium and sugars, they’re downright unhealthy.

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2- Healthy Soil Food
Organic food tastes delicious and it makes sense why it does- healthy soil and plants make food that tastes the best. In a number of studies people who have done taste tests almost always choose the wonderful taste of organic food over processed and food tainted by chemicals. Fruits and vegetables taste much more vibrant and strong if they are grown organically which is just another added benefit of the healthy powers of healthy organic foods.

3- High Standards
Organic foods have to meet extremely high standards to qualify to be called organic. This is why most foods are not organic, because companies don’t want to go through the strict processes required of them to be declared organic. The certification process that foods have to go through is designed to make sure the public is clear that the food was grown in the proper way as well as processed and handled in the ways in which the certification standards recommend.

4- Water and Organic Food
Because organic farmers do not use the harmful chemicals within their farming, they are not polluting the ground and the water supply. This also supports the soil conservation efforts that were previously mentioned. Because there are no chemicals used in the production of organic foods, there is no potential for harmful chemical runoff and damaging chemicals to impact our water supply.

This is healthier for everyone because while our drinking water is generally pasteurized before it goes into the water supply, it does not catch everything, and some of that water is put back into the atmosphere and then rained back down on us. Eliminating the prevalence of these chemicals will make our entire environment even healthier.

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