Health Benefits of Green Tea in Diet From Matcha Powder to Extract Pills & Weight Loss / Fat Burner

All the health benefits of green tea are still being discovered. But, there are many known benefits from recent research and through the centuries that it has been consumed by humans. [Read the entire list of benefits below]

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The video here and the transcript below lists just some of the most well known green tea health benefits and nutrition facts.

Green Tea Health Benefits Listed in the Video:
-Contains Polyphenols [i.e., Flavonoids] (acts as antioxidant; free radical reducing effect)
-Contains Caffeine (Stimulant; increases various brain functions)
-Contains Other Alkaloids [i.e., Theobromine, Theophylline] (Stimulant effects similar to Caffeine)
-Contains L-Theanine (anti-anxiety / calming effect)
-Contains Catechins [i.e., EGCG] (aid in oral health via anti-bacterial properties)
-Improves Insulin Sensitivity (reduce blood sugar levels; lowering risk of Type II Diabetes)
-Can Help Block LDL oxidation and increase HDL (possible lowering of hypertension risks)
-Exhibits Anti-Inflammatory Properties
-May Help Decrease Allergy Symptoms (via EGCG blocking production of Histamine / Immunoglobulin E)
-May Help Reduce Arthritis Symptoms (via green tea anti-oxidants inhibiting Cox-2 gene)
-Possibly Effective For Preventing Bladder, Esophageal, Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancers (as stated on the website [at the time of this video’s production])
-Green Tea Extract Ointment, Veregen, likely effective for Genital Wart treatment (FDA-approved; as stated on website [at the time of this video’s production])

[How many calories in green tea? ~0 calories per cup]

The tea bag featured here is a Matcha green tea powder blend sold by Costco under the Kirkland brand name. It is a blend of Ito En Japanese, Matcha and Sencha green tea. To get all the benefits out of the tea, from cheap to the best green tea, the brewing temperature needs to be lower than other tea so as not to denature the antioxidant compounds, polyphenols [specifically, Catechins] (between 140 – 185F, depending on type and harvest time of tea). The lower temp also avoids bitter and astringent taste of green tea to surface as the temperature at which tannins are dissolved is not reached.

As for the green tea weight loss correlation, there are many sources and sites that swear that a green tea fat burner diet is real and works. Research is still being done. But a study from 2005 revealed some hopeful results ( Green tea extract was shown to stimulate the body to burn calories which effected body fat accumulation and even bad LDL cholesterol levels. From green tea pills and various detox programs, even if the tea isn’t a found to be related to losing weight, the health benefits of green tea are still profound and amazing for such a simple plant.

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