How Many Calories in an Apple | is make far better apple cider?

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How Many Calories in an Apple

1 – Selecting the apples

The most important step! You need apples that are sweet – that will eliminate the need to add any sugar. Most apple cider doesn’t have as much natural sweetness or flavor because they use underripe or off-spec apples. You can choose the best apples you can get and make far better apple cider.

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Don’t get me wrong, it is fine to use “seconds”, as long as you cut out the bruised spots.If you can, choose apples that are naturally sweet, like Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Rome and always use a mixture – never just one type.

This year I used 4 bushels of red delicious and one each of Fuji, Yellow Delicious, Gala and Rome. This meant it was so sweet I did not need to add any sugar at all. And the flavor is great! The Fuji’s and Gala’s give it an aromatic flavor! Honeycrisp and Pink Lady are also excellent, sweet, flavorful apples.

2 – How many apples and where to get them

You can pick your own, or buy them at the grocery store. But for large quantities, you’ll find that real* farmer’s markets, like the Farmer’s Market in Forest Park, Georgia have them at the best prices. In 2004, they were available from late September at $11 to $16 per bushel. 2005 prices have been in the $14 to $20 range at the real farmer’s markets, like the Atlanta-

Forest park Georgia State Farmer’s Market and orchards in the southeast of the U.S.You’ll get about 12 to 20 quarts of apple cider per bushel of apples. Count on 15 or 16 quarts per bushel.* – not the cutesy, fake farmer’s markets that are just warehouse grocery stores that call themselves farmer’s markets.

3 -Wash and chop the apples!

I’m sure you can figure out how to wash the apples in plain cold water.Chopping them is much faster if you use one of those apple corer/segmenters – you just push it down on an apple and it cuts it into segments. Note: You do not peel the apples! You will put the entire apple into the pot to cook.

4 – Cook the Apples

Pretty simple put about 4 inches of water (I used filtered tap water) on the bottom of a huge, thick-bottomed pot. Put the lid on, and the heat on high. When it gets really going, turn it to medium high until the apples are soft through and through.

5 – Heat the apple cider

Put the apple cider into a large pot. If you want, add cinnamon to taste. You should not need to add any sugar.

The apple cider does not need any further cooking; just get it heated to a low simmering boil and keep it hot until you get enough made to fill the jars you will put into the canner (Canners hold seven jars at once, whether they are quart or pint size)

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