How to Measure Ingredients

Get tips for accurately measuring all kinds of dry and liquid ingredients.

When it comes to baking, accuracy is everything. Getting your measurements just right will affect how your recipes turn out. In this video, you’ll learn how to accurately measure all kinds of dry and liquid ingredients so you can bake and cook with confidence and precision. You’ll learn the kind of measuring tools that every home cook should have, including spoons and liquid- and dry-measuring cups. You’ll learn great tricks for measuring both dry and wet ingredients. You’ll discover what to look for when buying measuring cups and discover the benefits of having two sets. You’ll see a great trick for measuring sticky, thick liquids like molasses, honey, or corn syrup, so that they’ll pour out easily. For dry ingredient measuring, you’ll learn the fast and effective “dip and sweep” method that’s perfect for measuring baking ingredients, plus get tips for measuring flour, powdered sugar, and brown sugar.

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