How to Stop Runny Nose – Stop Runny Nose Fast – Health Benefits 2016

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How to Stop Runny Nose
1 Now let’s come to a quick review about getting rid of runny nose.

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How to Stop Runny Nose Fast

2 Fluids help to hydrate your body from all kinds of germs. That is why; drinking a lot of fluid will help your body to fight against harmful bacteria’s. You should take the following fluids whenever you have runny nose.

3 My mom says ginger is the most effective natural remedies for get rid of runny nose. Chew each day some crushed ginger with a little bit of salt. Ginger has many potential to fight against the germs or bacteria which resides in our body because of cold, flu or runny nose.

4. This is a temporary method. Rub some Vicks over and underneath your nose. This will give you a sudden relief from the runny nose.

This method is my favorite one. You already got the idea by seeing the title. Take a deep size tablespoon. Now take some mustard oil in the spoon. Then add the same amount of lime juice in it and a pinch of salt. Now place the spoon direct over the stove. When it is going to heat up the oil will splash a bit. As the solution contains two opposite ingredients, do not fear if your mixture starts to pop a bit. After the mixture is hot enough then gallop 2 tsp of that mixture.

Whenever we go to sleep with having runny nose we can apply a method for sleeping.How to Stop Runny Nose, Do not use pillow. Take a big towel and roll it round. Then place the towel under your neck. This will help you to get rid of runny nose at the time of sleeping.

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