Peanut Butter Cookie Pie Recipe

In this episode of “What’s Cooking?” Michael travels to San Diego, California where Allrecipes home cook, Kelly, teaches us how to make Penut Butter Cookie Pie!

A smooth peanut butter mixture on a baked chocolate cookie and cinnamon crust is a delicious treat any time of the year. Kelly quickly puts Michael to work creating the crust, and shortly after, everything comes togheter and the silky dessert is chilling to set. Served with peanut butter cups, whipped cream, chocolate, and caramel syrup topping, this is a delicious but simple dessert.

Get Kelly’s recipe for Peanut Butter Cookie Pie @ “What’s Cooking?” is an original web series created to highlight the cooks who have contributed the most-loved content on Allrecipes. In each webisode, an Allrecipes’ home cook shares the tips, tricks, and stories behind their amazing dishes. Allrecipes believes it is these home cooks who should be the food celebrities of the world…the ones who cook every day for family and friends out of love and passion (or sometimes just hunger!). Join our host Michael as he explores the kitchens of home cooks around the country in this exciting series.




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