Phytates for the Prevention of Osteoporosis

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DESCRIPTION: Women who consume the most high phytate foods (whole grains, beans, and nuts) appear to have better bone density.

Eating healthy can help us avoid other drugs as well. See, for example:

• Say No to Drugs by Saying Yes to More Plants (
• Whole Grains May Work As Well As Drugs (
• Statin Muscle Toxicity (

Alkaline Diets, Animal Protein, & Calcium Loss ( is another surprising video on bone health.

How might one counteract some of the mineral blocking effects? See New Mineral Absorption Enhancers Found (

Beans might not just help our skeleton last longer, but the rest of us as well. See Increased Lifespan From Beans (

I have a bunch of other videos coming up about the surprising benefits of phytates—stay tuned!

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