Some Prostates Are Larger than Others

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DESCRIPTION: Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH—an enlarged prostate gland—affects 80% of older men, but like many other Western chronic diseases it appears to be a consequence of our diet. The reference to diet affecting the growth of prostate cancer is covered in Tuesday’s Ex Vivo Cancer Proliferation Bioassay (, with a follow-up in yesterday’s video-of-the-day ( Until today I only had one BPH video (, in which flax seeds were found to work as well as the leading drug without any of the adverse side effects. In tomorrow’s video-of-the-day, Prostate vs. Plants (, I’ll explore other foods that have been found to help. Then on Monday, Prostate vs. a Plant-Based Diet (, will replicate the prostate cancer experiments with normal prostate cells to see if eating healthier can also slow their growth. I have more than twice as many videos on women’s health ( compared to men’s health (, but these next few days will help close the gap!

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