Tell Your Doctor If You Eat Grapefruit

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DESCRIPTION: The role white and pink (red) grapefruit may play in weight loss and cholesterol control, as well as the suppression of drug clearance enzymes within the body.

Another benefit of not taking drugs? You don’t have to worry about grapefruit consumption! See Say No to Drugs by Saying Yes to More Plants (

We don’t want to take cholesterol-lowering drugs unless we need to. See Statin Muscle Toxicity ( To get cholesterol down naturally, see:

• Heart Attacks and Cholesterol: Purely a Question of Diet (
• New Target Cholesterol (
• Trans Fat, Saturated Fat, and Cholesterol: Tolerable Upper Intake of Zero (
• Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death (

Another video on the risks associated with taking estrogens: Plant-Based Bioidentical Hormones (

Other videos on citrus include:

• Reducing Muscle Fatigue With Citrus (
• Keeping Your Hands Warm With Citrus (
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Can’t eat grapefruit without sprinkling sugar on top? Try erythritol instead just to avoid the empty calories: Erythritol May Be a Sweet Antioxidant (

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