Fish oil for skin disorders

When I first started finding out about of its amazing health benefits, I would never expect to realize that taking fish oil for skin disorders would be one of those benefits.

Of course, I was aware that fish oil is good for a long list of health complications like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but I would never believe that fish oil would help improve skin problems.

Fish Oil

It was when I started taking fish oil health supplements for the eczema I had on my chest, that I was finally assured that fish oil for skin is ideal. Within two months after I started on the supplement, I was stunned to find out that my symptoms of flaking and distressing itching, were reduced. Obviously I cannot say that I was completely healed, but certainly I experienced a substantial change for the better.

The key reason why fish oil for skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis works, is that it has anti-inflammatory qualities. The thing is, the fundamental trigger for all these disorders is inflammation.

As a matter of fact, inflammation can be held responsible for many other complications, in addition to skin disorders.

Maybe this will come as a shock to you, but healthcare experts consent that practically all of us have inflammation to some severity in our bodies, without us even being mindful of it.

This is exactly why inflammation has been described in some medical circles as “the silent killer”. It is one of the most significant factors in heart disease and is real reason hidden behind many other ailments.

As I already stated, fish oil rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids is a potent anti-inflammatory. As a matter of fact, in clinical experiments carried out by the Wellington School of Medicine in New Zealand, it was proven that the fish oil that I am personally using had an inflammation inhibition percentage of 38.6%, more than the aspirin. But, note, without the negative side effects!

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