Fish Oil Toxins

Now there is a way to avoid Fish Oil Toxins

In the old days, we felt assured that the fish we ate were healthy and that they were a reliable source of the essential fatty acids that our body needs.


Nowadays, fish oil toxins are so abundant, that we cannot be so sure anymore. The Food and Drugs Administration’s warning is very clear on this issue: We should all, especially pregnant or nursing mothers, definitely cut down on our daily consumption of fish.

You see, the ocean waters could not escape from the extent of environmental pollution that plagues the whole planet. In turn, the fish that live in ocean waters are loaded with harmful contaminants themselves. Heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead as well as PCBs (organic compounds) are some of the most serious ones.

So, given all of the above, how can we obtain the necessary nutrients we need and avoid consuming any harmful fish oil toxins?

Well, the solution is this: Include in your daily intake high quality fish oil supplements, which have been molecularly distilled.

Molecular distillation is by far the most efficient technology for processing fish oil. All fish oil toxins are separated by weight at the stage of extraction from the fish.

However, making sure that fish oil supplements are free from any form of contamination is only half of the equation. The other half has to do with the content breakdown of the fish oil.

What you need particularly to very careful about is the percent concentration of DHA and EPA. These are the two most important of the essential fatty acids. They can be readily absorbed by your body and give you the most health benefit.

To conclude, you can say with certainty that with top quality fish oil supplements you get the best of both worlds: Greater quantity of beneficial omega 3 acids, with minimum levels of fish oil toxins.

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