Mercury Free Fish Oil

Let’s admit it; mercury free fish oil should be the one you ought to be looking for each time you are seeking to find the superior source of omega 3 essential acids to improve your diet regime, both yours as well as your family’s. You should seriously consider the fact that mercury ingestion may have significant negative consequences on your health.

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As per researchers, mercury is everywhere and it is generated by both nature as well as through human actions. Whenever it’s combined together with water, then an even more toxic kind of mercury is formed, referred to as methyl mercury.

Fish absorb methyl mercury from water while it moves over their gills and as they nourish on marine organisms. Bigger predator fish such as sharks and swordfish are generally even more subjected to larger quantities of methyl mercury, as they take it from their prey.

Whilst a number of studies have been completed to ascertain the harmless concentrations of ethyl mercury that need be found in fish, the unfortunate reality is that there is a lot of controversy regarding the type of help and advice to provide to consumers.

To get a clearer perception of what I mean by that, simply contemplate the fact that even regarding fish swimming within the same bodies of waters, adjoining U.S. states may publish totally different recommendations concerning safety levels about consumption!

What the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) advises is that expecting mothers and women of childbearing age who could become pregnant, ought not consume shark or swordfish more than once every thirty days and also control their intake of all other fish to 4 portions a month.

As for the remainder of the population, they ought to eat fish such as shark and swordfish a maximum of once weekly, whereas regular intake of all the other fish must be restricted to two portions per week.

What’s my own straightforward view on this? Well, what I believe is that you ought to be quite careful about consuming fish and control your consumption as much as possible.

Having said the above, the challenge is still there: In the event that we don’t eat fish due to the harmful toxins, then just how are we going to obtain the omega 3 essential acids that our body system so desperately needs?

The answer is that we must supplement our diet with mercury free fish oil nutritional supplements. And our wisest decision is to go with dietary supplements which have been molecularly distilled.

Molecular distillation is among the most breakthrough process technology which guarantees all unsafe harmful toxins (not only mercury but also an array of other contaminants as well) are removed from fish oil before being encapsulated.

This is the only way you can rest assured that you and your family are getting the best of fish minus the perilous contaminants.

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