How Much Fruit is Too Much Fruit?

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DESCRIPTION: Cutting down on sugary foods may be easier said than done (see Are Sugary Foods Addictive? but it’s worth it. This video is part of an intermittent series on the dangers of high levels of fructose in added sugars. See the first two installments in How Much Added Sugar Is Too Much? ( and If Fructose is Bad, What About Fruit? (
That’s where I show the berry blunting effects.

What’s this about being in oxidative debt? See my three part series on how to pull yourself out of the red:
• Minimum “Recommended Daily Allowance” of Antioxidants (
• How to Reach the Antioxidant “RDA” (
• Antioxidant Rich Foods with Every Meal (

Ironically fat may be more of a problem when it comes to diabetes than sugar, see:
• What Causes Insulin Resistance? (
• The Spillover Effect Links Obesity to Diabetes (
• Lipotoxicity: How Saturated Fat Raises Blood Sugar (

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