Preventing Crohn’s Disease With Diet

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DESCRIPTION: Diets centered around whole plant foods may help prevent Crohn’s disease through the benefits of fiber on the maintenance of intestinal barrier function and the avoidance of certain processed food additives such as polysorbate 80.

Here’s the video I mentioned about using a more plant-based diet to reduce the risk of relapses: Dietary Treatment of Crohn’s Disease (

I get a lot of questions about additives like polysorbate 80. I’m glad I was finally able to do a video about it. Here are some videos on some others:
• Is Carrageenan Safe? (
• Titanium Dioxide and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (
• Aspartame and the Brain (

If you, like me, used to think all fiber was good for was helping with bowel regularity you’ll be amazed! See for example, Dr. Burkitt’s F-Word Diet (

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