How to Cook a Ham

Learn how to prepare a juicy glazed ham – and learn the difference between hams.

When we think cooked ham, we often think Christmas ham or Sunday ham. That’s because a beautifully glazed, juicy baked ham has impressive table presence. Delicious, moist ham, with its unique salty flavor is a perfect holiday meat. And preparing a baked ham is also simple and easy. In this video, you’ll learn how to cook a ham. You’ll discover the difference between city ham, with its flavors ranging from mild to smoky; country cured ham, which is cured, smoked, and aged for intense flavor; and fresh, uncured ham, which is ready for your favorite recipe! You’ll learn how to keep ham moist as it cooks and get insight into making ham glazes. You’ll find out how long to bake your ham, when to baste and reglaze it, and a technique for creating a gorgeous caramel coating under the broiler. You’ll also see how to carve the ham.

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