How to Cook Asparagus

Get tips for steaming or roasting spears of fresh asparagus.

Long slender asparagus spears are a versatile vegetable equally perfect for everyday meals and special occasions alike. In this video, you’ll find out how to choose healthy asparagus spears at the grocery store, then learn a few ways to cook them till they’re done just right, not too mushy or stringy but with that perfect bite, tender and crisp. You’ll also learn which asparagus spears are best suited for different types of cooking, whether steaming, stir frying, roasting, or even microwaving; and how best to clean and prepare them so they’ll cook evenly. You’ll see how to quickly stop asparagus from cooking so it remains crisp and tender and discover ways to preserve asparagus’s vibrant green color. No matter how you cook it, asparagus makes a quick and elegant side dish.

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