6 week weight loss – Weight Loss for Dry Fruit – Health Benefits 2016

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6 week weight loss
Dry fruits are fruits which lose all the moisture content. The fruit becomes rich in nutrients, carbohydrates and sugars. Dry fruits generally include almonds, cashew, pistachios, resins, etc. Dry fruits have been considerable beneficial for improving health and body metabolism. Dry Fruits have good energy content in them. People who have been suffering with diseases and lost drastic weights are advised to intake a lot of dry fruits to make up for the lost energy. Pregnant women and small children are also recommended to have dry fruits for increasing the nutrients.

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Quantity – Dry fruits are rich in carbohydrates and sugar. Over eating of dry fruits will lead to increase in fats in the body. The weight will increase drastically rather than decrease. Therefore, use this diet tip and avoid consuming large quantities of dry fruits. To lose weight with dry fruit diet, include a bowl of dry fruits for your meal. A bowl is enough to keep the energy level and nutrient level of your body. Fixed fruits at fixed timings – To lose weight with dry fruits only, use the divide and rule policy. Dry fruits should not be eaten anytime. For example, to utilize all the nutrients from almonds soak them overnight in water and eat them early in the morning. Almonds are high source of energy and they will boost your body metabolism. Similarly eat dry fruits like resins and dried figs during lunch. Divide each dry fruit type and do not eat all at the same time. Pistachios – It is proven that pista or pistachios are good for weight loss. Pistachios are rich in healthy fats, nutrients and proteins. The fats of pistachios are not completely absorbed by our body, thus making them low calorie foods. A good diet tip for losing weight using dry fruits is to include more pistachios in your diet. The more the pistachios the more you will lose your weight. Pistachios are the best dry fruits for weight loss diet plan. Hunger cravings – Dry fruits are rich in carbohydrates and fats. A bowl full of dried fruits can reduce hunger cravings. The lesser the cravings, the lesser intake of other foods. Dry fruits are a good option against other fat foods like chips, cheese and junk food. Dry fruits diet will help to ingest the necessary quantity of food alone. The important diet tip to follow here is to eat dry fruits in necessary amount. This tip will be useful for losing weight with dry fruits alone. Other benefits – Dry fruits have many other benefits apart from weight loss. For example, Almonds are good for making the brain sharper and improving mental abilities. Dried figs are good for weakness, diabetes and blood virculation. Resins are also good for skin and body functioning. Resins help to reduce body heat as well. As almonds resins are also supposed to be soaked overnight and eaten. Cashew should not be eaten much as they have high calorie content and fat content. Avoid cashew in the weight loss diet plan.

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