Achieving Remission of Crohn’s Disease

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DESCRIPTION: Meat (including fish), cheese, and animal protein intake in general have been associated with an increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In the meantime, plant-based diets may not only help prevent such conditions, but treat them as well, resulting in the longest recorded remission rates for Crohn’s disease. This is the final video of a three-part series on the latest discoveries about fighting inflammation with plant foods. See yesterday’s video-of-the-day, Fighting Inflammation in a Nut Shell (, and Friday’s video, Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Purple Potatoes ( Inflammatory bowel disease risk is also tied to arachidonic acid, which may partially explain the animal protein connection given the levels in chicken and eggs. For more research into reversing chronic disease through diet, see Eliminating the #1 Cause of Death (, Cancer Reversal Through Diet? (, How to Treat Diabetes (, and Research Into Reversing Aging ( There are at least 25 other videos on inflammation ( and hundreds of other videos on more than a thousand subjects if you’d like more information at

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