Health Benefits of Lemon Water in Daily Diet or Detox / Cleanse in Hot / Warm Recipe For Drinking

The health benefits of lemon water (drinking water with a slice of lemon / water with lemon juice) are similar to eating lemons and/or adding lemon juice to food & beverages. Of course, it is well known that lemons are citrus fruits & citrus fruit are high in vitamin C. [Read the entire list of benefits below]

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Lemon water benefits go much further than just vitamin C. Find out more about water with lemon in the video above and the transcript below.

Lemon Water Health Benefits Listed in the Video:
-Rich Source of Vitamin C
-Contains Pectin Fibers
-Help Control Oral Bacteria (help w/ bad breath issues)
-Aids in Balancing pH Levels in the Body
-Aids in Dissolving Uric Acid (reduces inflammation in joints / knees)
-Good Source of Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium
-Help Combat Sore Throat / Throat Infections (due to antibacterial properties)
-Digestion Aid [when mixed w/ warm water] (stimulates GI tract)
-Natural Diuretic (promotes healthy urinary tract)
-Great Source of Antioxidants (prevents free radical formation)
-Good for post-workout rehydration
-Low in Calories

[How many calories in a lemon? ~17 calories in 58g. fruit]
[How many calories in lemon juice? ~11 calories]
[How many calories in lemon water? Varies depending on the size of the lemon and how much juice is squeezed in.]

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